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Sunday School

Sunday School is a fun and exciting time where the next generation is building and developing  a foundation around the Truth of the Word of God. Investing into children today to change the world tomorrow.

Ages (2-12)


At First Church the Youth Department is devouted to maturing and developing our young men and ladies. This department is designed to guide these young people into living in truth for themselves and becoming spiritual adults.  

Ages (13-19)

Ladies' Ministry

Helping ladies grow in God is the goal of our First Church Ladies Ministry! Come be apart of Ladies Prayer, Bible Study and  Ladies Retreats. We are embracing new friendships and helping one another along the way!

Wednesday Children's Church 

Children's Church takes place during our midweek service time and is a very interactive group setting for the young kids.  These evenings are always packed full of puppets, games, interactive lessons and Godly teaching. The kids love it and are always excited to come to Children's Church. 

Ages (2-12)


Hyphen is designed for the age group of college and young adult. We are giving opportunity for young adults at First Church to come together and build relationships with others and create life long friendships. 

Ages (18-30)

Men's Ministry

Strong men dedicated to God, developing their walk with God each and every day. Men's Prayer, Bible Studies and more offered. First Church has a growing Men's ministry leading our church forward. 


Singles coming together to enjoy times of fellowship and strength. (Single, divorced, single moms, single dads, widows) all supporting one another and enjoying the journey with God by their side. 

Ages (31- Up)

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